Looking for a true AI engine to power your app?

Real Big-data analytics,  Always on,  Real-time

Appreneur is an AI mobile app analytics platform that provides real-time to maximize user engagement

Transform data into user insights through user behavior analysis

Translates your customer base into specific user categories that allow for personalized and contextual marketing campaigns, maximizing ROI

  • Detailed user segmentation view with a standalone CRM system to manage customer information
  • Holistic user pattern analysis beyond industry standard to trigger follow-up tactics quick
  • Independent control of Goole Play / Apple iTunes through centralized app management console

Speed up time-to-market with 24 / 7 AI engine

Appreneur continuously monitors app activity, so you can respond to ever changing user behavior and provide world class customer experience at every stage of the customer journey

  • Provide clear visualizations of the user journey through registered events and user flow matrices
  • Analyze use uninstall patterns through machine learning algorithms
  • Generate crash and exception logs for every reported app failure / bug

FREE Ad placement for Appreneur users

As an added service, Appreneur users are granted the free ad campaign on the NEST app. Make objective and data driven decisions to get the best ROI from your campaign

  • Wide spread your Ad campaign to NEST app users at no charge
  • + 1M app developers / + 3M apps / + 100M devices around the world comes to you free
  • Extend market reach without frequency caps or time restrictions

Why Use Appreneur ?

Decent ROI with free Ad Service

It is no secret that programmatic spend is one of the most effective ways to bring your app to market.  However, pricing pressure and ballooning costs have forced many to pay exorbitant fees for the ad campaign with little to no results.  With Appreneur you can take advantage of free ad service to market you app extend market reach.

Increase retention by understanding uninstall behavior

One of our main goals is to provide clarity on app retention.  The Appreneur AI engine incorporates trackig technology that pinpoints exactly why and how your users drop off from your app.  These uninstall tracking reports are viewable real-time on your dashboard for you to take action against.

Better user engagement with 24 / 7 AI engine

Appreneur provides you with a complete picture of your user base through well defined user categories.  Instead of focusing on active / inactive user groups, our AI bot segments your user base across 9 well refined target groups, allowing you to tailor marketing messages and strategically test campaigns.  Avoid spending time and money on dormant users and grow application engagment based on objective data insights.

Down user drop-off with dynamic crash & exception reports

According to Statista.com, 12% of mobile apps are used once and deleted immediately due to app instability.  Our instant app crashes and exceptions report circumvents this problem by allowing you to instantly view whenever your app has a pre-defined failure or when there is a significant user drop off.


Code with confidence

  • Innovation starts with single line of code
  • Easy to build, deploy, and integrate with rich library of services
  • Supports Hybrid app and Native app on iOS and Android
  • Secure SDK with proven track record of +1M developers / +3M apps for past 5 years
Get started
  • Step 1

    Add SDK into your app project

  • Step 2

    Insert single line of code into the first line of your app

  • Step 3

    Set up push message to track app users’ behavior in real-time

  • Step 4

    Register the app store information of your app into Appreneur administration page

  • Step 5

    Create a FREE Ad Campaign

For more detail tracking
  • Step 1

    Insert single line of code to each app screen. With this, you can have a detailed view of CRM user profile.

  • Step 2

    Insert single line of code whenever events occur. With this, you can see what your app users are doing now.

  • Step 3

    Insert single line of code whenever revenue related events pops. Then your revenue bot starts to work on revenue stream analysis.

Quick Start Guide

This is a quick video to showcase how to get started with Appreneur.
We hope you enjoy it.


Open platform for anyone with ideas

Our vision is to pioneer a mobile app ecosystem in which anyone (with or without coding experience) can propel their ideas into fruition in days.  we believe that anyone should be able to easily develop and share mobile apps across the world. By bringing together both developers and non-developers through our platform and product offerings, we are taking the first steps in making this a reality.  NEST IDE and Appreneur are tangible examples of making the application development experience simpler, efficient, and faster without compromising application quality.

Innovate Forward

Every innovation starts with good ideas.  However, these ideas have a shelf life and need to be acted upon quickly.  The NEST platform reinvents the traditional app development process by providing a standalone platform to transform ideas into reality.  The traditional model of ideation, design, build, and deploy has fused together into one seamless collaborative development framework through the NEST IDE.

Reinvent the process

We plan to reinvent the app development process so that anyone can easily create their own app - with or without coding experience.  Our platform is easy to build, collaborate with, and deploy to market.  Coding experience is optional.  For those with a more technical backgraound the NEST platform allows you complete the full application development cycle in one place.

Collaborate with the world

We are pushing for an "open mobile application ecosystem".  To bring your ideas to life, you don't need to build an application from the scratch.  Just look into open components to build your idea in our platform. Reusable components are uploaded constantly for your use and your good component can be shared with others through the compoennt store.



Maximize your apps potential through objective analytics

Track with us.   Captivate users.   Deliver growth.

Free Ad campaign

Appreneur users are given free ad placements targeting 100M+ user devices

Minimize uninstall rate and analyze uninstall patterns

Understand uninstall behavior to prevent spikes in uninstall rates

Real-time user behaviour analysis

Monitor and analyze all user activities and provide actionable insights every 2 minutes.

Detailed user segmentation

Differentiate your user base into 9 distinct user categories (Active / New Install / Uninstall / Returning / Dormant / Retention / Engaged / Reactivated / Paid) and understand each user category behavior

User activity chart visualizations

User activity is funneled through flowcharts that clearly define how your customers interact within your app

Pinpoint major growth areas through financial reporting

Provides financial snapshots of app performance through revenue stream segmentation - Download, In-App Purchase, Payment, Ad and detailed churn stream.

Integrated management console

Our one stop managment console allows you to manage Apple and Google app store reporting and distribution without log into each portal separately

Quick error correction guide

Error logs are published on demand to display developer defined exception errors and device system errors

Big Data driven user analytics

Appreneur generates over 10MB data per user that allows us to compound detail user analytics

Track with us.   Captivate a user.   Deliver growth.




No credit card required

Free access for the first 14 days of storing user data

  • Overage FREE
  • of Appslimited
  • of team memberslimited
  • FeaturesUnlimited
  • AI bot Not Available
  • Ad Campaign Not Available
  • Data history 3 Month
  • Exporting reports Limited
  • Installation type Cloud


Track up to 30 million actions per month


Credit card required

Billed monthly, free to cancel at anytime

If your app reaches 10,000 users $1 is charged per each additional user device

  • Overage$1 per 1 User device
  • of AppsUnlimited
  • of team members5 Members
  • FeaturesUnlimited
  • AI botAvailable
  • Ad CampaignAvailable
  • Data history Unlimited
  • Exporting reports Unlimited
  • Installation type Unlimited


Contact us for a price quote

For apps with

Over 1M active user please request a demo

  • OverageUnlimited
  • of AppsUnlimited
  • of team membersUnlimited
  • FeaturesUnlimited
  • AI botAvailable
  • Ad CampaignOptional
  • Data history Unlimited
  • Exporting reports Unlimited
  • Installation typeCloud or In-house

Frequently Asked Questions

What impact will the GDPR have on app analytics data through the Appreneur SDK?
The EU GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) is a set of requirements generally designed to give people in Europe, or “data subjects”, more protection of and control over their data. For companies, GDPR requires measures to protect personal data and to notify authorities, and possibly data subjects, if there is ever a breach of personal data by those companies or their vendors.

GDPR specifies the roles of a data processor and a data controller.  In the case of the Appreneur-customer relationship, Appreneur acts as the data processor, with the customer fulfilling the requirements of data controller.  As defined by the GDPR guidelines, “a controller is the entity that determines the purposes, conditions and means of the processing of personal data, while the processor is an entity which processes personal data on behalf of the controller.”

As a data processor, Appreneur is responsible for processing data in accordance with customers' instructions.  Our customers, the data controllers, are responsible for controlling all data collected as well as providing all necessary processing instructions through appropriate configuration and implementation of our products.  This means that to do customers’ responsibilities, as a data controller, we recommend contacting your legal representatives with regard to this.  Please consult your legal representative for guidance on your responsibilities.  We allow the analytics data processing and storage environment can be installed and managed on your own system.  If you want this "In-House" type, the DPO(Data Protection Officer) in your company will be able to manage and monitor all data and systems.

Hot Link: About Data Controllers and Processors in GDPR.org

How do we create NEST campaigns and how does it work?
Appreneur works hand in hand with our NEST Platform, a separate standlone mobile app development platform.  Over 1M app developers from over 150 countries use NEST free as their core mobile development platform resulting in over 3 million apps having been published to the market since 2013.  All the apps developed on the NEST IDE basically inclues free ad area at the screen bottoms.  When the Appreneur users create a new campaign, the newly created campaign automatically populates in the predefined ad campaign area of + 100M connected mobile devices which runs apps on the NEST IDE environment.  Only paid users can access to free ad campaign and before creating a campaign, your app should be avalable to download from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  For security reasons, the download link to the advertised apps are only available on the Google and Apple Store.
Is the Appreneur SDK safe enough to integrate into user apps? Will it cause any system errors or app crashes?
Appreneur SDK does not refer to any insecure external libraries.  This means that there is zero possibility for an errors to be derived from an external source.  To operate independently from the client app source code, our proprietary library works in the completely separate and isolated environments.  The 3M+ of apps developed on NEST platform is proof of the security and stability of the SDK integration.
Are you able to export the data from the cloud into other third party applications?
All data reports are available to download in the excel,csv, and pdf format. If you require futher assistance connecting your data to a specific platform, a separate service request is necessary.  Please contact the support team at seanbaek@nxstinc.com.
What do you mean by "All users" text in the pricing table?
All users refers to the total number of user devices who are using your app.  The monthly free to use Appreneur fluctuates based on the total number of user devices on you app as you pay an increamental cost per user device.  Unlike other services, Appreneur services centralizes a humongous loads of big data to give you the complete view of your app users - how they are using your app and whether your tactic flows works as you wish, where and why they are dropping off and if there exists a certain pattern to uninstall your app etc.  We generate meaningful analytic reports such as new Install, Active, Engaged, Returned, Reactivated, Uninstalled, Dormant, Retention, and Paid / Non paid., etc.  To provide you with the detailed view of user types, all connected devices to your app become the targeted data source and managed as data pool.  That’s why our pricing scheme is based on all users.  The monthly charged amount to you changes as the number of your app users varies every month.
What is the fee structure for overage costs?  What devices are taken into account?
The standard package covers up to 10,000 user devices.  Every user device over the 10,000 threshold costs $1
What makes your user segmentation so unique?  How does it vary from other platforms who use similar terminology?
Within the mobile app industry users are generally classified into the following categories: active, churn, and returning. However there remains other user types that marketers are particularly interested in with great detail.  For example, a user may download your app once but never actually use the app at all.  Is this an active user?  To maximize ROI from your app, you will need to identify and segregate these types of users to reactivate accordingly.  Appreneur addresses this issue by tracking and segmenting all users from their first install date to their uninstall.  During this time period they are categorized within 9 different buckets: New Install, Active, Engage, Uninstall, Dormant, Returning, Reactivate, Paid, and Retention. This detailed user view will give your deeper insights on what kind of customers you are encountering.  For futher information on these types please refer to the Appreneur platform.
How do you create and manage AI Bots?
Once you insert the Appreneur SDK into your app and the user data starts to generate, all of the AI bots automatically go live.  Machine learning AI bots collect user data in bulk and transform the information into data visualization that reflect user behaviors (ex. which service or content user engage with most).  For the first 90 days the AI bots are unable to provide detailed user insights because it has entered the "gathering stage", or learning stage for big data analytics.  After the data is stored and processed over a 90 day time period, it gradually turns into useful information that will guide towards areas for improvement.
Still have questions? Email us seanbaek@nxstinc.com

Things you must know before using Appreneur

Traditional data analysis platforms provide user analyses with data at the user level.  Appreneur focuses on pattern analyses based on device rather than by user.  This is because one user can utilize multiple devices and one device can be used across multiple people.  In order to accurately portray user analyses and user device information, it is necessary for us to point out the differences between a user and device.

Accurate user device analysis are the fundamental building blocks of a successful app business.  Without this information uninformed business decisions based on guesstimates and incorrect judgments will be unavoidable.  Appreneur solves this problem by utilizing AI bots to continuously create and reiterate pattern algorithms based on user device behavior.  The result is a comprehensive back end data solution that provides extremely precise user device insights that will spark growth within your business.

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