NXST Terms of Service

Last Updated: June 19, 2013

IMPORTANT – Please read these Terms of Service (“Terms”) before you access and use our web site (“Site”). By accessing and using this Site, you are indicating that you have read and accepted these Terms. If you do not accept these Terms, you are not authorized to access or use the Site.


All softwares, blogs, data, information, graphics, photographs, texts, user interfaces, visual interfaces, logos, trademarks, and computer codes (collectively, “Content”), including but without limitation to the design, selection, expression, arrangement, and structure of the Content, provided on the Site is owned, controlled, and/or licensed by NXST Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries (“NXST”). Unless as otherwise expressly stated, NXST or any member affiliated with NXST (“Member”) does not grant any licenses to any copyrights, patents, or any other property rights..

These Terms apply to both Site and Content (collectively, “Services”). All Services may be used solely under the following Terms. Our Content may be diverse; therefore, some additional terms or product requirements, including but not limited to age requirements, may apply. When applicable, additional terms and policies will be informed to you for the relevant Services.

Your Content

Your content includes anything you upload, develop, create, or transmit through our Service. Except for the material NXST licenses to you that may be incorporated into your material, NXST does not claim ownership of the content you provide. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content.

When you upload your content to our Service, you agree that it may be used, adapted, saved, reproduced, distributed, displayed, or modified by NXST, Members, or any of the affiliates. You can find more information about how we use and store content in our Privacy Policy.

Updating the Terms

NXST has the right to update these Terms at any time without notice. All Services provided by NXST may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and may be changed or updated without notice. NXST may also make improvements or changes to the Content at any time without notice. The most current version of the Terms may be viewed by clicking on the “Terms of Service” hypertext link located at the bottom of the Site.

Using our Services does not give you the right to any intellectual property rights in our Contents you access. The Terms do not grant you the right to use any branding or logos used in our Contents. Do not remove, obscure, or alter any legal notices provided in or along with our Services. Do not misuse, interfere with, or access our Services using a method other than the interface and the instructions that NXST provides.


NXST and the Members prohibit you from posting, transmitting, or using any unlawful, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic, profane, inflammatory, or threatening, or any other material that may go against any civil or criminal liability under the law. As a condition of your use of the Service, you will not use the Services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms or any other conditions and notices. You may not use the Services in any way that could damage, disable, or impair any NXST server, the network connected to any NXST server, or any other party's use. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any of our Services, any other party's accounts or systems by hacking, password mining, or any other procedures.

Our Site may contain some Contents that are not NXST's. NXST and the Members may review your content to see whether it is illegal or violates the law or our policies. NXST or the Members may remove or refuse to display your content if NXST or the Members find the content in violation with our Terms.

NXST may disclose any information we have about you if we find that such disclosure is necessary to comply with any applicable law, regulation legal process or governmental request. You acknowledge and agree that NXST and the Members may use or store any content provided by you through our Content or our Service. We may also disclose such data if required to do so by law or if NXST finds such disclosure necessary to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of NXST, its Members, users and visitors to our Site, and the public.

You agree that NXST or the Members may prohibit or terminate your access or your future access to our Service if we determine that you have violated these Terms or any other agreements or guidelines stated elsewhere. NXST may terminate your access to our Service if requested by law enforcement or other government agencies, if requested by you, or due to unexpected technical issues or problems. You also agree that any violation by you to these Terms constitutes an unlawful and unfair practice, which may cause damage and harm to NXST.

Limitation of Liability

NXST's members (“Members”) take no responsibility regarding the accuracy of the Content provided by NXST. The use of Contents is at the recipient's own risk. NXST and the Members make no promise to resolving any Content when any reported problems occur.

In no event will NXST and the Members be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages related to any use of the Content, including, but not limited to, the Site, the content, or any other hypertext links. NXST and the Members are not liable for damages, including, without limitation, any lost profits, lost sales, lost revenue, loss of goodwill, interruption in business, loss of programs or any other data on your information system, even if NXST and the Members are aware of the possibility of such damages or losses.

Warranties and Disclaimers

All Content provided by NXST and the Members is on an “as is” basis. NXST and the Members provide no representations, conditions, and warranties, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, and non-infringement.


Additional terms and conditions may apply to purchases of certain Services or certain portions or features of the Site. As our Contents are diverse, NXST may ask if you are of sufficient legal age to use or access our Services. If there ever is a conflict between the Terms and the terms and conditions that may be applied to specific portion or certain features on the Site, the latter terms and conditions shall control your use of that portion of the Site or the specific Service.

NXST may make changes to Services, including but not limited to the prices for the Services, at any time, without notice.

NXST provides you with an online billing system through our Site, where you can view your statements. As this is the only billing statement we provide, it is your responsibility to print or save a copy of each online statement if you wish to retain such copy for your records.

Refund Policy

To qualify for a refund, you must cancel the Service within the allowed time of subscription. When you qualify for a refund, we will give you a refund in the form the payment was received. For refund qualification and information on canceling the service, please refer to “Canceling the Service” section of this Term.

If NXST or the Members make an error on your bill, you must tell us within 120 days after the error first appears on the bill. After we have been notified of the error, we will investigate the error and respond promptly. If you fail to tell us within the allotted time, you free NXST and the Members from all liability and claims of loss resulted from that error and we will not be required to set straight that error and provide a refund. If NXST or the Members have made an error on your bill, we will correct that error within 90 days of your notifying us.

Canceling the Service

Some of the Services provided by NXST can be purchased monthly or yearly. You may cancel the Service any time with or without cause. You may cancel the service through our Site under My Account page. When you cancel the Service, you may lose all data including your content, ID, password, and account.

You agree to acknowledge that subscription is on-going, and you must cancel service to stop the payment. For example, if you have purchased monthly service and wish to cancel service, you may cancel before the new billing cycle begins to avoid next month's payment.

If you wish to cancel service after the new billing cycle has started and would like to request for a refund, please note the following. To qualify for a refund, you must cancel the Service within a specific period of time after your subscription has started. For monthly subscription, you must cancel within 15 days to qualify for refund. For yearly service subscribers, you must cancel within 45 days to qualify for refund.

After cancellation, you must request a refund within 7 days. You may make refund request by contacting us via email. The contact information can be found on our website or at the bottom of this Term. Failure to cancel service within the allowed time frame and requesting a refund within 7 days results in no refund in all cases. When the refund transaction goes through, the payment will be refunded to you in the form it was received within 30 business days. Please note that if you used Paypal or other merchant services to pay for the subscription, you are responsible for the transaction fee. For example, if you subscribed to our monthly Service and cancel with 15 days and request for refund, you will receive $9.99 minus the applicable transaction fee.

Accounts, Passwords, and Security

Certain Services provided by NXST require you to open an account and set up an ID and password. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the information for your account, including but not limited to your password. You agree to notify NXST immediately if your account has been accessed or used by any unauthorized user. You may be held liable for losses due to someone else using your account, ID, and password as a result of your failing to keep your account information secure and confidential.

You may not use someone else's ID, password, or account without the consent of the holder of that ID, password, or account. NXST and the Members will not be liable for any losses or damages arising from your failure to agree with these terms.


Your privacy is extremely important to NXST. We value and respect your privacy. To view NXST's Privacy Policy, click here. Please note that by using the Site, you acknowledge and agree that Internet transmissions are never completely private or secure. You understand that any information you input to the Site may be read or intercepted by others, even if there is a notice that a particular transmission is encrypted. NXST and the Members do not wish to receive any confidential information from you through any Content. However, please note that any information or content sent to NXST or the Members will be deemed not to be confidential.


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