1. How do I set Android SDK?
NEST provides link to download Android SDK. If you wish to download and install the latest version of Android SDK, please visit https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html.
Android installation file is available in zip file. Once you extract the zip file, SDK folder will open. Select Android tools you want to install in Tools folder and click ‘Install packages...’

You must check the box next to ‘SDK Platform’ to deploy your smart app to an Android device.
2. I am unable to set Android SDK.
If your Android SDK folder is empty, you cannot locate the path. Please reinstall Android SDK to resolve the issue.
3. Where can I download and install Xcode?
Unfortunately, NEST does not offer Xcode. However, you may visit https://developer.apple.com/xcode to download and install Xcode. You need Xcode Version 4.2 or above to run NEST.
4. I need assistance on how to create apps using NEST. Where can I find guidelines?
For technical assistance, please visit our homepage www.nestpia.com or you may refer to our User Guide.
5. Which device is compatible with apps made with NEST?
Android - Version 2.3 or above
iOS - Version 4.3 or above
We are currently working on making deployment to Windows Phone available to our users.
6. I am unable to create a project in NEST Project Wizard.
You need an activation code to activate the software. Once you activate NEST, you will be able to create a project. To apply for an activation code, please visit our website at www.nestpia.com.
7. What is Android KeyStore?
In order to upload your application in Google PlayStore, you must enter your ID (KeyStore). You can create a KeyStore in NEST.
8. What is an iOS Certification?
An iOS Certification is needed to upload your application to the AppStore. You can apply for the certification at https://developer.apple.com/programs/ios.
9. I started my project on my PC, but I would like to continue working on it on a Mac.
You may export your project using ‘Export’ in Menu Bar and import it to wherever you wish. You can also continue your project created on a Mac, on a PC.
10. I do not have an activation code. Can I use NEST?
You may download and install NEST for free; however, to activate and use NEST, you must subscribe to one or our plans. Once your payment has been received, you can activate the software.
11. I am unable to deploy my project or run it on the Simulator.
If you are on Mac OS, Xcode must be installed to run the Simulator. Please install Xcode from apple.com.
If you are still unable to run the Simulator, install the Simulator under Preferences in Xcode.
12. It says Android Device is not detected.
USB debugging mode must be turned on on the Android device. If the device is still undetected, please visit our homepage www.nestpia.com for more assistance.
13. Texts appear broken. How can I fix this problem?
NEST uses utf-8 encoding to display texts. Check to see if text encoding in workspace is set to utf-8. Workspace text encoding can be configured in NEST Preferences.
14. I am unable to update NEST.
This problem may occur due to your Internet connection. Please try again after connecting to the Internet.
15. I am unable to open NEST.
This problem occurs when you are on Mac OS X, and your Safari may not be up to date. Update Safari to its latest version and restart NEST. If this does not resolve the issue, try reinstalling NEST.
16. When will other OS, other than iOS and Android, be available?
We are currently working to make app development available for Windows 8, Tizen, and Smart TV.
17. I created a project. Where can I find it?
The project should be located where you first set your workspace. If you cannot locate the project or forgot where you have located it, you may use the NEST Menu Bar to find the project.
18. Can I work on another app while deploying an app to my device?
No, you may not build an application while another app is being deployed to your device. Also, you cannot deploy multiple apps to your device at once.
19. I closed NEST and accidently deleted my project! Can I retrieve them?
When deleting project files, we ask you to check the box to delete them permanently. If you have checked this box, then you cannot retrieve the deleted files. However, if you did not check the box to delete them permanently, you can import the files from your workspace back to NEST IDE.
20. How come two Simulators are present for Mac Version of NEST?
We offer two types of Simulators for Mac to provide convenient debugging.
21. NEST does not work after reinstallation. What can I do?
Previous files and projects do not get deleted after reinstallation. Therefore, after reinstallation, you may find multiple folders named /NEST/features/NEST-assets. Please delete previous NEST-assets so that the latest version performs well.
22. I reinstalled NEST and my previous work is gone. Is there a way to retrieve them?
Depending on where you have set your workspace, the previous workspace may get deleted. If you wish to save your previous projects, please transfer the previous workspace to another location before setting your new workspace. Once the previous workspace has been overwritten by the new one it cannot be retrieved.
23. Does NEST support team projects?
Multiple users can work on the save project in CVS, SVN, or Git but cannot build server.
24. Can I import my Android project or Xcode project to NEST?
Unfortunately, Android projects and Xcode projects cannot be imported to NEST.
25. I cannot locate my workspace folder. (Windows users)
Some folders such as Program Files and Windows folders require user authentication or permission. If your workspace folder is saved in such locations, you may be unable to update the software. Try moving the workspace folder elsewhere and restart NEST.
26. What are the limitations of different OS and hardware performance?
NEST provides multiple operating systems, but it may not function to its full potential depending on your hardware. Note that NEST performance varies by hardware regardless of which operating system you are using.
27. Is NEST available in Linux?
Unfortunately, we do not provide service for Linux OS, yet. However, we are working to make Linux version of NEST.
28. Can I display certain information or use specific features from my device to the app?
Yes, you can use components in Platform category to bring your device information to your app. For example, GPS, photo album, video library, and push notification from your device can be used on the app created with NEST.
29. What if there are components I want to use but are not available?
We are constantly working on adding more components to the IDE to provide more services. We are planning on providing a component development environment so that you can create components and upload them to NEST.
30. It says my Android device cannot be found.
If your Android device cannot be found by NEST, turn on USB debugging on your device settings. If your device appears but does not work, the problem may be the device. Review the device’s documentation for further troubleshooting steps.
31. How come I cannot build my application for Android device?
If you are working on multiple projermcts at once, make sure each project has a different PackageID. Using the same PackageID for multiple projects may result in failure to installation.
32. Can I upload an HTML app created with NEST to the web server?
Yes, if the app you created is an HTML app, you can upload it to the web server. However, note that Platform components may not function properly since they work on devices only.
33. Which browser can I use for apps created with NEST?
Apps made with NEST run on webkit browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome.