1. What is a Style Editor?
A Style editor is where you can design and customize the component to your preference. Unfortunately, you cannot add or edit CSS to NEST IDE.
However, we offer various options in the Style Editor so that you can customize your component to your liking.
2. What kind of Style Editors are there?

There are 6 main types of Style Editors. They are Size Editor, Padding Editor, Margin Editor, Border Editor, Font Editor, and Background Editor.

1. Font Editor allows you to edit the size such as height, width, and length of the component.
2. Padding Editor allows you to input blank space around the edges of the component when needed.
3. Margin Editor allows you to add marginal space around the edges of the component.
4. Border Editor allows you to create border around the edges of your component. You may also customize thickness, style, color, and corner of the border.
5. Font Editor allows you to edit texts in your component. You may configure text style, size, and color.
6. Lastly, Background Editor allows you to set the background of your component by setting color or image to the background.

3. I have made changes in the Style Editor, but the changes are not applied to the component.
If you want to make changes, you must check the checkbox next to the field you wish to change. Unless the checkbox is checked, the changes will not be applied to the component even if you click OK.
4. I changed ‘Type’ in Font Editor, but text style did not change.
Depending on which device you deploy your app, the font may not be applied. If the font you have chosen on NEST is not provided by your phone, default font style will show on your phone.
5. What is the <reset> button?
If you wish to reset the changes you have made, click the reset button. All changes you have made will be returned to default settings.
6. I set Height/Width to 100% for the component in Size Editor, but it does not display to fit 100% of screen size on IDE.
When component size is modified in %, the component size may be increased or decreased within the component area. What is shown in the preview of the Style Editor may look different from what is shown in the Page Viewer in IDE.
7. How many images can I use for background?
You may set up to 10 images or gradient colors in Background Editor.
8. I want to use gradient color for my background. Is it possible to use curvature gradient color?
We currently provide only linear gradient color for background.
9. Is it possible to add an image for the border?
No, images cannot be used to fill border. You may edit thickness, color, style, and corner of the border.
10. I am unable set border left and right of my component.
Depending on which component you are using, border configuration varies. For example, if you try to make a border around a line component, you can set borders top and bottom of the line but not left and right of the line.