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2.4.0  Released Mar 1, 2018

Change in the Price Policy

We terminated our promotion term and confirmed it with the NEST IDE services are FREE. We want your idea life cycles to continue, so please, continue to use the NEST platform. More detail

2.3.9  Released Feb 25, 2018

  • • Added the Android permission to access the camera and files in the Hybrid and URL Wrapping project

2.3.8  Released Jan 15, 2018

  • • Updated NEST's supporting provisioning profile for iOS applications

2.3.7  Released Oct 22, 2017

  • • Updated MacOS certification for NEST software.
  • • Updated Windows Certification for NEST software.

2.3.5  Released Dec 15, 2016

  • • Fixed a bug that configure the wrong URL when building an URL Wrapping application.

2.3.4  Released Dec 3, 2016

  • • Updated NEST's supporting provisioning profile for iOS applications

2.3.3  Released Sep 28, 2016

  • • Supports newly released APIs of iOS SDK 10 and Xcode 8 
  • • Updated the capacity optimization of executable files for windows phone apps 
  • • Fixed list-up errors of components in the Form Editor which runs on Mac OS version 10.12

2.3.2  Released Sep 1, 2016

  • • Added the SQLite components and a property editor to access to a database in a NEST application
  • • Added the SQLite utility to manage an application database in NEST
  • • Changed the OS supporting version for windows phone to 8.1 from 8.0
  • • The executable files of an application were separated by x86 version and ARM version
  • • Fixed the low resolution function when taking pictures in the NEST application.

2.3.1  Released Aug 8, 2016

  • • Updated the download link for Windows SDK
  • • Updated the Push message service for android apps

2.3.0  Released Aug 3, 2016

  • • Fixed a runtime bug that would crash JVM when starting NEST on Windows OS
  • • Added a video component and property editor to allow users to play video files in an application
  • • Updated data share component with the ability to share images and link to users application

2.2.9  Released Jul 19, 2016

  • • Added tips for new users on how to use the NEST Editor
  • • Added the Rearrange button which will automatically sort and organize the active tiles
  • • Fixed a bug that would trigger a "destroy" event upon exiting the android application

2.2.8  Released Jun 30, 2016

  • • Fixed an authentication bug of Mac address on the Windows 7 runtime environment.
  • • Fixed a proceed bug that would cause the NEST server process to error when the project files were imported on the project import wizard.

2.2.6  Released Jun 19, 2016

  • • Updated the listview component scrolling function which enables users to quickly load Listitems real time.
  • • Updated listview component so that the list type property could be easily set.
  • • Fixed a bug that causes the component property to process incorrectly when a negative value was inputted.

2.2.5  Released Apr 15, 2016

  • • Updated WorkFlow to now include a Palette with Non-Visible Components.
  • • Updated DataFlow to now include a Palette with Data Components.
  • • Fixed ListView bug that did not allow components to be added on the FormEditor.

2.2.3  Released Feb 2, 2016

  • • Fixed a bug where the Undo/Redo function would not occur on the Form Editor.
  • • Updated the Form Editor's component placement marker from a dashed border to a blinking border.
  • • Updated builder to support xcode 7.2

2.2.2  Released Dec 22, 2015

  • • Fixed bug causing wrong display of font size on layout when NEST is ran on computing devices with high DPI rate.
  • • Added function, automatic icon resizing (83.5@2x) when building a iPad Pro application.

2.2.1  Released Dec 16, 2015

  • • Added new function, application layout manager for application banner advertisements.
  • • Added new components, Application banner for Facebook, Google's Admob, and Amazon advertisements.
  • • Updated form editor and simulator to support application banner components.
  • • Added new menu for project sharing called Team which is similar to GIT Team Project.

2.1.9  Released Nov 20, 2015

  • • Updated Component Structure to now enable component development with Native code (Java / Objective-C / C#) and Library
  • • Updated Developers Guide to now include Instructions on how to create NEST components with Native code (Java/ Objective-C/ C#) and Library
  • • Added application components for Facebook Login and Logout
  • • Added function for creating a new project type that converts URL to applications, URL Wrapping application.

2.1.8  Released Nov 6, 2015

  • • Updated component drag & drop functionality on the Form Editor.
  • • Added an exposed window displaying the User and Developer Guide.

2.1.7  Released Oct 29, 2015

  • • Updated structure of menu toobar for quick use of the NEST functions
  • • Updated the database SQL editor for easy querying and connection configuration of database system
  • • Added database components for easy database querying
  • • Updated JDBC interface functions for Oracle and MS SQL Servers on NEST server projects
  • • Fixed screen shot error capturing unintended areas for the simulator screen shot function.

2.1.6  Released Oct 6, 2015

  • • Updated MacOS certification for NEST software
  • • Fixed a proceed error on Component Export function
  • • Fixed lookup function error on the Ajax Component

2.1.5  Released Oct 2, 2015

  • • Updated new project creation wizard UI/UX
  • • Added project creator for Web Application that can support HTML5
  • • Updated Live editor to be executed automatically upon running application
  • • Fixed a server process function bug
  • • Updated NEST's supporting provisioning profile for iOS applications

2.1.3  Released Sep 25, 2015

  • • Added Java version 8 support for OSX
  • • Updated Windows Certification for NEST software.
  • • Updated the Runtime Debugger for code customization.
  • • Fixed Swipe List component's Listitem sizing and alignment errors.

2.1.2  Released Sep 17, 2015

  • • Updated data sharing/transmission function for Form, Link, and LinkData (Param property was moved Form components properties)
  • • Updated Project Import/Export file to standard a format (.nproject).
  • • Updated Project creation wizard to notify the version on which the project was created.

2.1.1  Released July 24, 2015

  • • Application upload shortcut now available on tool bar, uploads your application into connected smart device
  • • JS and CSS files under project folder is now automatically loaded into the application
  • • Builder is now more efficient, unnecessary resources are moved to reduce application file size.
  • • Windows 8 Phone GoogleMap has been replaced with BingMap
  • • New Intro and User guide has been added to aid users with more detail on how to develop their first application. Check it out!

2.1.0  Released July 10, 2015

  • • Updated Tab event functions on NEST components.
  • • Added new sample application, JOB24 to sample projects. This application was also released to the application market.

2.0.9  Released July 7, 2015

  • • Added new utility, Component Management for listing, removing, adding, and modifying components
  • • Added Component Editor to support NEST component creation
  • • Added Palette to the Server Configuration Utility for dragging & dropping server components to server projects.
  • • Updated NEST structure, previously the NEST structure could only allocate one function per event but now one event can possess multiple functions.
  • • Updated datastore binding to support multi binding.
  • • Updated GCM/APNs property to allow selective activation and deactivation on build screen.
  • • Fixed a bug that would cause the application to error when moving components with drag and drop on the form editor.
  • • Fixed a installation patch bug that would delete older projects after an update was conducted.

2.0.8  Released Apr 15, 2015

  • • Created push palette for android GCM and IOS APNS push function
  • • Created push palette function for push testing in emulator
  • • Added new form component 'Layer' to sitemap palette
  • • Updated link component function 'move' and renamed to 'show'
  • • Added new function 'swap' to Link component

2.0.7  Released Mar 16, 2015

The NEST Store was released.

Are you ready to experience the new world?

On Monday March 16th,we came up with another innovative service to provide for the users on the NEST Platform. This service will be our key to reach our goal, which is the "Codeless Ecosystem of Application".

From now on, it will not be difficult to create an application with people’s own ideas. Small business owners will not have to waste money and time on introducing and managing their brands/businesses by creating an application anymore. They can now create apps themselves using our platform.

Furthermore, enterprises will no longer struggle with excessive expenses for development. A new platform will be provided which they could use to build similar products with ease by reusing existing projects.

Lastly, our innovative platform will allow anyone to generate revenue off their own custom marketplace. By downloading ‘components’ and adding it to their application, they will be able to acquire users and consumers. And called as a consumer’s eligible software development environment.

We plan to make a new mobile creation environment like to put together the Lego Block of Toys for new ecosystem. Anyone can work with our platform at any time, any place. Please do not hesitate to run with this opportunity.

You can be a pioneer in the new world. Start Now.

  • • Changed the installation directory location for the MacOSX platform. (/Applications/NEST2 → /Applications/
  • • Created the ability to download the components directly from the component store
  • • Added the ability to export components
  • • Added a screen shot capture function for the application
  • • You are now able to change the resolution for the application screen
  • • Added support for RGBA color properties

2.0.6  Released Jan 13, 2015

  • • Fixed a bug that would cause the application to error out when moving a form quickly from points A to B to C.
  • • Fixed a bug that would cause duplicate links to appear when mapping forms to other objects in the site map editor
  • • Servlet session is now supported through the AJAX component
  • • Server components are now optimized to support AJAX and jsessionID functionalities
  • • Updated the window sizing when creating and opening files through the NEST navigator

2.0.5  Released Dec 27, 2014

  • • Fixed an android screenshot bug when the "sdcard/Pictures/Screenshots/" directory on the android device configuration would not display.
  • • Added a tile icon imange of application on the windows phone8 build configuration.
  • • Fixed a external broswer link bug on the windows phone 8 applicaiton
  • • Updated a photo component to support windows phone 8 applicaiton
  • • Added searching component lists that are in the server project through the file called server.config
  • • Created a new component 'StarRateBox' , 'Validator' and ' PageFlip Layoout' within the component palette.

2.0.4  Released Dec 8, 2014

  • • Updated execution structure on windows phones
  • • Fixed a windows phone bug where the photo album and camera menu would not display after being requested.
  • • Created a new debugging function in the application deployment menu.

    Reference the menu Help > Tools > Inspector

  • • Fixed a bug when scrolling in the IOS application screen.

2.0.3  Released Nov 11, 2014

  • • Created a NEST new project wizard to create sample applications.
  • • Starting from this version we provide sample applications with images, search functionality (YouTube videos), and methods on how to create various application menus and forms
  • • Fixed a bug that would cause two or more of the same components to error out when copying and pasting

2.0.2  Released Nov 6, 2014

  • • Supported new MacOS Yosemite
  • • Added a SelectBox function that allows users to create a drop down menu
  • • Added a default script template within the script editor to allow users to modify and generate functions.
  • • Added a default script template when editing the filter properties.
  • • Created a new component 'JsonTable' within the component palette.
  • • Added a HTML editor that allows you to create and modify your HTML code.
  • • Created a new IFrame capability that allows you to easily place a web frame or 'IFrame' within your application to appear on launch.
  • • Fixed a bug that would cause form sizing to revert to the original size upon launch.

2.0.1  Released Oct 26, 2014

  • • Updated structure of execution on the AJAX component
  • • Fixed a bug in various layout compnents that caused Android phones to crash after events triggered by touch
  • • Fixed a bug in Galaxy S3 and S4 where the photo album and camera menu would not display after being requested and crashed the application
  • • Updated the background schedule mode
  • • Fixed a bug that would trigger while checking a component ID
  • • Updated the sorting ability in the component pallette menu
  • • Created a new z-index property in the Size Editor function
  • • Created a new auto property in the Margin Editor function
  • • Created a new color dialogue in the Color Editor function
  • • Updated menu button functionality for Project Creation
  • • Created a new dangling reference export option and reference deletion in the Script Generator function
  • • Created a new sorting function in the workflow menu
  • • Fixed a link connectivity bug in the SiteMap Editor
  • • Created a 'Local Storage Persistance' function in the simulator

2.0.0  Released Oct 1, 2014

Did You KNOW?

NOW Available : NEST New Release Version 2.0 On Wednesday October 1st we are excited to announce the release of one of the largest revamps to the NEST platform since it launched nearly a year ago. Since the day we launched, we were faced with the huge task of developing some of the core features of the NEST Platform. Finally we are realizing the results of all the time and effort spent on this development.

Some of these improvements include the creation of new architecture and algorithms for supporting various mobile OS (Windows Phone, Windows RT, Tizen, Firefox OS, etc.), as well as a new component engine for our component store. Furthermore we have completely introduced a new mobile ecosystem by adding Windows Phone 8 to the NEST platform mix.

This complete upgrade to NEST will revolutionize the way we think about mobile.

We invite everyone to experience the "codeless environment"
mobile application ecosystem for themselves

Try it here!

  • • Framework structures such as the system layer structure, application runtime engine, code generation engine, etc. have been updated
  • • New runtime on windows phone 8 : you can now make your own applications on windows phone 8
  • • New support for making your application on IOS 7/8 and Android KitKat
  • • Updated runtime process speeds over 1.0X
  • • New component runtime engine
  • • New user component with native script languages (JS and CSS)
  • • New UX editor : UX Design structure has been made with a simple interface
  • • Updated the dialog screen to allow the user to delete, add, and change functions
  • • Updated component programming to provide easier programming rules compared to version 1.0
  • • Updated configuration and execution profiles to minimal size specifications
  • • Created a special directory for application build and deploy files
  • • Updated both the Client/Server by dividing the application source code and workspace
  • • Updated file storages by minimizing file deployment sizes
  • • Updated the customized user source code to allow the interface to import and export files
  • • Supported the J2EE sever framework (servlet 3.0)
  • • Updated the touch zoom feature on the user interface
  • • Made the process of creating an application profile simpler
  • • Maximized processing speeds for application simulations
  • • Fixed a bug on Mac OS 10.9 that unexpectedly crashed the application when selecting files
  • • Made a user editor interface to customize programming code
  • • Minimized file component size which enables faster downloads
  • • Enabled NEST computing windows 64bit OS
  • • Provided various other updatable functions on the NEST platform

1.1.30  Released Dec 4, 2013

  • • Fixed rare failure on new IOS 7 applications
  • • More updated an application build configurations on IOS applications
  • • Others small fixes

1.1.21  Released Oct 31, 2013

  • • Android applications Improved to deploy methods
  • • Fixed an issue when the abnormal closing on simulator
  • • Fixed an error when quitting editor layout on Wiindows 8

1.1.20  Released Aug 1, 2013

  • • Fixed Apple developer certification in IOS platform

1.1.19  Released July 1, 2013

  • • Release of NEST Official version
  • • Fixed all bugs found on NEST Beta version

1.1.0  Released June 1, 2013

  • • Release of NEST Beta version