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Look! We could sit here and list off all the usual features that other code-less app development software’s and NEST have such as cross platform ability, selective push notification, easy customization, social network integration, and the list goes on but lets get to it.
You want to know what sets NEST apart from all other software’s out there besides its incredible price. Well here it is


All users have the opportunity to become partners and gain an extra source of income through the NEST Store. Users with app development knowledge can upload original components and make them available for others to obtain. NEST also provides a community for users to come together to discuss, share, and help one another on their projects. This creates a progressive and beneficial environment for both developers and non-developers.

Building Block

The NEST concept of code-less app development is based on the similar idea of building blocks or Lego’s. Components can be seen as individual Lego blocks that together create something grander and distinctive.


Developers can create original templates, layout, form, and user interface with multiple different languages JS, CSS, or JAVA.

Integrated Functions

The integrated simulator on NEST allows users to quickly test their apps before release and the completed app can also be transferred onto smart mobile devices before placing in the market. The NEST Store will grow exponentially as user count increases and thus more components will become available for everyone to use for more beautiful and powerful apps.

Complete Control

Although NEST is geared towards creating a code free environment; it also offers for developers the ability to have complete control over app development and UI design through full function source coding. Error handling of components can easily be fixed because of the NEST platform structuring allows users to separate every part of the App from the other. NEST displays a workflow option which allows users to comprehensively view where an error maybe occurring. Then users can isolate the source of the problem and quickly edit it to achieve the wanted function.

Features for Non-developers


Got a great idea for a smart app?
Start planning and you will be on your way to creating your very own app!

NEST is your resource to inspire, envision, and plan smart device applications. All the tools you need to start designing a mobile application is at your fingertips! First, choose a Component from our wide variety of over 70 ComponentsText, Image, Button, Video, GPS, CoverFlow, and more. Click and drag these Components from the Palette to the Page Viewer, and you are on your way to building your one and only smart app!

Visual Design

Scenario Design

NEST Project Sitemap provides a clear layout of forms and links that show relationships between forms. You can easily change the number of forms as well as adjust the order of forms by using link arrows.

User Experience Design

Properties Editor allow you to customize everything to your preference! You are not limited to already-made designs and templates. With live editing, you are able to see the design changes you make right away.

Logic Design

NEST Workflow separates layout and style logic. You can utilize NEST Workflow to set properties and assign events to each form. Also, NEST Data Binding helps you manage and process complex data and files visually.


Configure your app visually using Project Configuration. You can set application images such as icons and splash images, device orientations, and themes.


Simulate your app as you build.

NEST creates an easy development environment at a low cost and a high development rate by allowing you to run your app directly on your computer before connecting to your smart devices. See the changes you make immediately on NEST Simulator.

There is no need to connect multiple devices to your computer to test your app. NEST Simulator is designed to let you preview your app regardless of which mobile OS you built it on. The best part is that this integrated Simulator is built in to the IDE and can be accessed easily.

See any errors?

NEST automatically detects all errors and bugs and displays them in NEST Warning and Error Detector.Let us help you find your errors and fix them. Cut down your development time, and make your app error free


Deploy your app with NEST when you are ready.

Ready to launch your app on your phone or tablet? Choose a mobile OS-- Android, iOS, or Windows 8-- and deploy it to your device. Your app will be up and running on your smartphone or tablet in just minutes!

Share your apps with everyone!

Upload your app to AppStore and Google Play to share your amazing apps with others.

Expert Features for Developers

New Development Ecosystem

Don't see what you like? Create your own.

NEST presents an IDE for all our expert users to create their own components.

Help others design better and smarter apps, and get paid!

Share your newly-developed components by uploading them to NEST Component Store. Other NEST Users can download your components, and you can turn your ideas into money in no time.

NEST is a Java Servlet-based Server Data Component Framework.

You can download Server Components directly from NEST or at the Store on our homepage. You can even create a new one from scratch and configure components to your preference.

Every component possess its own unique function, which eliminates the ambiguity and obscurity of computer languages.

The I/O functions of NEST offers allows you to connect your app to the server easily.

Also, you can view your component information and monitor your component activity using our Data Simulator.

NEST removed the complexity of Java framework. Even those who are new to Java can create their own components easily and conveniently. NEST also provides editing tools to customize each component.

NEST offers embedded web servers, so there is no need to set web servers on your own.

You also can deploy your components quickly using web servers such as Tomcat and JBoss.