What is it?

In todays highly specialized society many people are unable to bring their ideas to fruition due to a lack of skill or resources. We contemplated on finding a solution to move past these limitations even before the release of NEST. Since it is unreasonable to expect everyone to learn all the skills they need, we set our sights toward getting people closer to these skills. With this idea in mind the NEST Community was born, a place where people of all different skills and backgrounds could gather to make connections. The purpose of gathering differently skilled people in one environment was not to have them learn each other’s skills from one another but rather to use each other. People with any sort of skill can join our community and become members or as we like to call it Boosters. Members of the community are notified of postings that might interest them, can post new projects, and participate in projects that might require their skills. We want people of all skills to join and look forward to a day when people all around the world call themselves Boosters.

So what exactly does our community do?
We provide a space for people of different skills that we call Boosters to come together and work on bringing ideas to life. How do we do this?
Boosters can make themselves known to others by creating their profile and providing information on their expertise, experiences, and interests.
That’s it?
No of course not! The Outpost feature allows anyone even non-Boosters to post new projects they need help on but only Boosters can join projects and help shape them.
That’s all of it then?
Just one more thing, we wanted people to be able to get answers on anything they are curious about from people that would have a good understanding of it so we created a Q&A section called Ask Away. Since our community is filled with people of all different skills and backgrounds there is a lot of information to be shared and we wanted people to be able to access that.

Get involved now and start changing the world one idea at a time!