Making an Android app for the alarm gadget (iOS app already exists) - App project

David 1/11/17 12:45 AM

Verona, NJ




Project Leader NameDavid

Contact Info.d.do**@************.com

PaymentBudget : $5,000 – $10,000 (USD)

Start Date1/31/17

End Date 5/30/17

Post Duration3/30/17


  • iOS
  • Android app
  • Alarm gadget
  • Cross tool


We are manufacturer a simple smart alarm gadget. We had released iOS app already but do not have a resource to develop Android app at this moment. We can share the source code of the iOS app to help you develop an Android app with similar function. The smart alarm works with the app. With the app you can set the alarm time. When the alarm rings, you need to shake the alarm to make it stop (using acceleration sensor to detect this.) The alarm also sync with your Google Calendar to check the schedule and set the alarm ring automatically prior x hours according to your setting with the app. Here are functions for the app. - register the prodcut (smart alarm) via Bluetooth LE - Tutorial for how to setup the devie and use it. - set the alarm time from the app via Bluetooth LE - set the alarm time from your Google Calendar schedule to ring prior X hours - sync the alarm time when the app is running in background - choose the alarm sound from 3 sounds - setting for how to stop the alarm. (Set how strong and how frequent you need to make it stop) - Frimware can be updated from the app by using Nordic frame firmware update via bluetooth We would provide - the product (smart alarm) - iOS source code - images as you need ( You don't need to create images) - connection specification - firmware

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Milos 1/22/17 2:05 AM

Contact Info.mda**@******.rs

Hi David, We are providing software development outsourcing services. TelNet is a software development outsourcing company. Our core business is establishing and servicing fully managed dedicated software development teams in Serbia, as well as delivering custom software development projects to our customers world-wide. Could you send me more details about project? Milo





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