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Creating a grocery app so food that is about to be thrown out will be sold to customers at a discounted price. So lets say you have a pound of beef that has already been discounted to $3.20 and will be thrown out in two hours. The manager of grocery store goes on the app and discounts the price to $1.50. A customer is at the store and request to buy the beef on sale. The manager goes to the section where the beef is being sold makes sure the customer picks the right product and accepts the transaction. No barcode is needed. The customer pays and the money goes in to a paypal account or what ever account the store prefers. The app name will called Chowline and the main menu will consist of four food areas (dairy, meats, fruits, vegetables). So if you click dairy several options will pop up like 2% milk and the company name of the milk. Also there will be tab of shopping history for both the customer and manager so they can analyze spending habits. The first app will just be practice so I will have five pretend customers and one grocery manager. Nothing fancy for the first app but I will keep adding a little at a time. If it gets bigger I need an app that will cover multiple stores. Also I want every customer to have a limit of $30 a week. So I need a tab that will account for how much left the customer can purchase. This way multiple customers can save money. The manager, of course, can change the limits. Obviously I will give the developer the flexibility to add things that will make it easier. I am looking for an expert developer but also someone who actually goes grocery shopping. I don't have a lot of money right now ($1000). So I'll probably have to pay as I go. I will be hiring artist of the main logo that will go each page. But right now we can use a fake logo to fill in the space. Thank your for your time.

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