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  • MyLife - Your life in pictures

    MyLife allows you to save, share and relive your best moments whenever you want and with whomever you want.

    Add photos, videos, texts or links and organise your best moments chronologically (with your children, friends, parents or grandparents…) easily. Now, export them from your favourite social network!

    ·· Sharing your memories has never been so easy ··

    Now, with MyLife, tag your friends and family so that moment is saved on your timeline. Your life has more meaning if you share it with your loved ones.

    ·· Unlimited storage! ··

    Forget having to delete your moments. Save your photos and videos on the cloud and get rid of that wretched ‘storage full’ message.

    ·· Relive that moment instantly ··

    Find their first steps, remember your first kiss and reminisce about your best friend’s ‘I do’… With MyLife you can recapture your most special moments in one glance.

    ·· Decide who sees your moments ··

    With MyLife you have complete control. Only those that are tagged in your photos or videos will be able to see them.

    ·· All of your memories ordered chronologically ··

    Create your timeline with photos and videos of the most important moments of your life.

    Your photos and videos, with your loved ones and in private. Go for it and download MyLife, the app of your life!


My created application enables the user to make secure transactions using their smartphones. The application finds the user's current location and allows the user to receive, manage and redeem personalized coupons that are available nearby. This application enables the user to add a payment card to the application and assists the user to select and pay for consumer items offered via the price comparison portal. • Overall 4 years of experience in developing advanced applications for Android platform. • Experience in developing Android applications for multiple Android versions. • Experience in applying Agile Methodologies such as Scrum and Test Driven Development for developing mobile applications. • Worked on IDEs like the NEST IDE and Android Studio for developing mobile applications. • Good understanding of modern Interactive design in developing Android applications. • Strong knowledge in designing and developing adaptive UI/UX for Android applications.