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  • EyeSkool™

    #PreventSchoolShootings. Here's how..

    Introducing #EyeSkool, an intelligent Mobile App designed to let the students anonymously alert the school officials of any suspicious activity and behavior by their class/school mates, so that the potential perpetrators would be stopped before they act.
    #EyeSkool works closely with the schools and school districts to make sure that their students have this App installed on their smart phones and educate them to “say something” via the App if they “see something”, without the fear of being noticed because the communication from EyeSkool is completely anonymous.

    Innocent students and teachers in American schools and colleges have fallen prey to frustrated, demented or radicalized students who turn to guns, resulting in mass violence in their own schools in order to vent out their frustration, depression and/or perversion.
    While school shootings in the USA has been a recurring phenomenon since 19th century, recent gruesome events from Columbine, Sandy Hook, Isla Vista, Umpqua and many more have been stark reminders of how deeply this “domestic terrorism” continues to loom in our educational institutions.

    During the last decade, majority of schools have adopted a lot of effective reactive methods to lock themselves down and protect the innocent kids and educators from these killers during these heinous rampages, while the Police and SWAT teams perform all necessary maneuvers to confront and catch the criminals. However, we need to be reminded that these are only "reactive" measures.
    As a society, as counselors and as law enforcers, we have made great progress in reading into the minds of these killers; but sadly, only after they had successfully carried out these carnages. We have learned a lot about their private & public lives, their behavior in the social media and their manifestos if any, only after the damage has been done. However, we continue to fail to learn about them beforehand, which could have resulted in preventing them before they act(ed).

    Well, Until Now..
    Be Safe with #EyeSkool!

  • VEGU - Workplace

    Report Harassment Anonymously. Here's how..
    Introducing #Vegu, an intelligent Mobile App designed to let the employees anonymously alert the corporate officials of any unprofessional behavior by their colleagues and/or bosses, so that workplace harassment is properly and promptly addressed across the corporates in India.
    #Vegu works closely with the corporates to make sure that their employees have this App installed on their smart phones and educate them to expose any harassments or other evils at workplace, without the fear of being noticed because the communication from Vegu is completely anonymous.

    Many working women have been falling prey to sexual harassment at workplaces across India, on a daily basis. Every employee, irrespective of the gender, has the right to work in a safe, secure and professional environment. There has been a noticeable rise in sexual harassment incidents at workplaces, according to National Commission for Women (NCW)
    Though many women and men are now boldly standing up to harassments, threats and other slanderous experiences at their workplaces, India still has a lot more to demonstrate to the rest of the developed world that its corporate stands as a testimonial for the dignity and safety of its employees.

    Indian government and Ministry of Women & Child Development in particular, have taken a lot of initiatives to ensure the safety and security of the employees in Indian corporate.
    We have seen many cases of harassment, intimidation, slander, defamation and other threats at the corporates in public and private sectors of India.
    Yet, numerous more incidents have been silently endured for the main reason of the fear of public embarrassment, blackmail, intimidation or other emotional elements.
    Well, Until Now..

    Mihir Mobile Solutions proudly joins hands with the Government of India by committing to help the cause of improving the dignity and safety of employees in corporates across India.
    #Vegu has been meticulously designed to suppress the employee's information from being broadcast when they submit a complaint. The communication is completely Anonymous, Guaranteed!

    Protect Yourself at Workplace
    Report Harassment with #VeguIndia!


I'm a JavaScript enthusiast who's committed to the future of it as a development environment. My experience with full- stack development includes utilizing Node.js and NEST JS to implement a mobile application. I enjoy learning new technologies immensely - but even more so in a collaborative setting. I've learned from both experienced individuals and interns, and hope that I can be part of a team that I can both contribute to and grow together with.