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Roswell, GA

Beginner (0 years)

  • mobile application
  • designing
  • development
  • marketing
  • management


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  • Glint Innovation

    Glint Innovation is a collaborative innovation platform that brings your employees, customers and focus groups together to generate value for your business. Their valuable ideas can be an immense source of inspiration toward enhancing services, developing products and improving processes.
    Available on Web, iOS and Android devices, Glint Innovation manages the full lifecycle of ideas and administers challenges and campaigns with high efficiency. With advanced features limiting idea duplication and promoting a systemized and rigorous evaluation process, Ideas with high potential get noticed and ultimately implemented for business benefit.
    For Organizations desiring to recognize their contributor, employees and external stakeholders, Glint Innovation offers a very flexible module that manages monetary and non-monetary rewards and recognitions that meets every budget and reward policy. The whole process - from submission to reward - is traceable and delivers an array of analytics helping decision makers address important issues for them and their stakeholders.

    Set challenges, Collect ideas, Evaluate and Reward! All in one place.

    Glint Innovation is suitable for all organizations trying to harvest collaborative innovation from employees, customers and focus groups regardless of the industry or the geographical markets.


Responsible for designing user-focused mobile applications. Creating pattern libraries that maintain usability standards and provide brand consistency. Rapid prototyping/wireframing for preliminary testing and validation. Perform contextual enquiries, heuristic evaluations, and other design research throughout a project's lifecycle. Serves as a mediator for design discussion and responsible for implementing revisions based on usability standards and research • Participated in end-to-end product development starting from wireframing mobile screen designs to new product pilots and release of new mobile wallet platform app. • Collected market research data that was then transformed into infographics and product requirements. • Conducted daily constructive critiques with VP of Product Marketing, sales, and programmers to improve UI workflow. • Designed and revised advertising banners according to the company's branding guidelines. • Reviewed creative drafts weekly and communicated with the Production team to improve the designs.