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  • India Today

    Since 1975, India Today has covered its fascinating namesake without fear or favour, with insight, accuracy, thoroughness and a well rounded perspective on a variety of subjects - be it the economy, politics, lifestyle, the arts, entertainment, travel, science, technology or health. That's why India Today is the country's most widely read publication, a position it has held for more than a decade. And that's why it makes sense to subscribe to India Today.

    India Today app brings you the latest news from India and around the world about politics, business, sports, lifestyle, etc. Also, track the latest from bollywood, hollywood, regional film industries and TV channels.

    The application consists of Live TV, videos, images, movie reviews, celebrity interviews, stories from the magazine and much more. Download to experience!


Mobile Application Development Contractor, specializing in designing and developing mobile apps and web sites based on defined and evolving client needs and specifications. • Designed and developed mobile apps using latest iOS frameworks and practices. • Architected and Integrated web services between mobile client and servers to achieve secure flexibility and dynamic mobile content. • Designed and developed interactive and dynamic web sites using the latest javascript libraries and PHP based CMS technologies such as Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla. • Architected web site and mobile app flow to achieve fluent and familiar user experiences • Maintained client websites with new content, features, and security upgrades • Provided on site support, client training, SEO services, and project follow ups to ensure client satisfaction, project finality, and potential business referrals. • Maintained and expanded knowledge of continually changing / growing iOS UI features and frameworks.