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Lünen, Germany

Intermediate (7 years)

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  • German Words

    The simple index card system helps put the German words you learn quickly and permanently in your memory.

    + Ideal for beginning and advanced learners
    + Learn German words when and where you want; no internet connection required
    + Use even short breaks to pick up new German words
    + You can even learn German words with your eyes closed thanks to the automatic text to speech function
    + Take advantage of ready-made German word lists for different degrees of difficulty
    + Fast and effective learning thanks to the simple index card system
    + Continuous checks on the German words you've already learned
    + New German words are repeated much more often than those you've already mastered
    + Daily reminder to study German words (can be switched off)
    + Graphical display of your learning progress
    + Learn German words in both directions or only German > English or English > German

    The Card2 vocabulary trainer to learn German words is available for German and English

    Start now

    Download the Card2 vocabulary trainer now and start building a larger German vocabulary in no time at all!

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Creative, driven and detail-oriented, I am passionate about creating design that is as functional as it is visually appealing. With a background that combines Engineering & Design education, I feel fortunate to be able to look at any project from more than one perspective. Of all of the design disciplines I have been fortunate to try, crafting the user's experience truly excites me. Whether it is designing a new experience or improving an existing one, I have found that I thoroughly enjoy every aspect - research, mapping the experience, translating that to visual UI design and user testing to improve the experience. Over the years, I have worked on a number of different projects that challenged me in different ways depending on my role in them. I have discovered that I can effectively wear multiple hats juggling between design, development and project management. I possess excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively both in a team and individually.