Gender male

10/7/16 (Updated by : 2/16/18)

Covington, TN

Professional (4 years)

  • UI/UX design and analysis
  • Mobile app creation
  • Marketing professional
  • Media contents business development


1 Apps


  • That Girl Is Smart

    Monica Johnson Enterprises LLC is framed with trademarked That Girl is SMART (Successful, Magnificent, Authentic, Resourceful, and Talented) - Personal Development Coach for ages 19 and over, OneWordMovement Charities a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit for That Girl is SMART Mentoring Program for 6-18 years of age, and publishing company.

    That Girl is SMART Mentoring Program - Mission Statement and Vision

    That Girl is SMART inspires young girls to be self-reliant, self-confident, and self-aware.

    The vision of That Girl is SMART is to enable girls ages 6-18 to become self-reliant, self-confident, and self-aware and graduate from high school ignited, informed, and inspired for success with purpose of achieving personal, academic, and professional proficiencies.

    Our Programs Offered
    That Girl is SMART has a strong record of providing research based curricula delivered at conferences, school, and workshops by trained mentoring professionals in a positive environment.

    That Girl is SMART we are teaching leadership, life skills, sexuality, and self-esteem giving the girls the means to flourish in life.

    • Research based curriculum that takes Holistic perspective
    • Trained professional staff
    • Programs around relevant and contemporary issues
    • Ability to focus on the entire scale of a girl’s life


• Project & content management, and team leadership; Design Manager and Creative Director experience • Design and scripting for web and intranet applications • UI/UX analysis, information design and data presentation • WCAG & 508 Accessibility expertise • Multiple CMS environments and development frameworks • Mobile app design & prototyping As a web professional, I’ve led small teams in multi-phase site production. From wireframe concept, throughout content production, to final rollout, I’ve completed these projects within time and budget constraints. These accomplishments have have come through research, task management, and effective communication.