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How to retrieve news to my NEST app

Kelly 01/08/17 22:35


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I've been searching the web for an API where I can retrieve news (gaming news more specifically) for my NEST app Project. So far I did not find any API that provides gaming news. What i could figure out that i need to implement an RSS feature on my app so that I can retrieve news from it, but still didn't find "free" RSS API that I can you. Any suggestions? I'm coding the NEST components with JS, Jquery, Jquery mobile, JSON, XML


Mark 01/10/17 19:27

I didn't find anything useful so i made my own news system, where a "reporter" writes and uploads a news and shows automatically to the use

Antoinette 01/13/17 03:49

1. You may search mash-up / api directories, such as programmable web 2. You may make a search in "rss search engines". 3. You may search for bigger game distributers'/publishers' blogs. Such as steam, playstation... Both have rss apis. 4. You may search game magazines those have rss feeds. After all, you will find lots of rss feeds.