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Photo Upload & Video Upload in App mode

Gunajit 02/19/18 10:49


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I have Just converting my Social media site to android app but the photo and video upload function in not working. How can i resolve the issue. (Note: I can't attached the project file also . My project file is like " .project " and in attachment require " *.nproject ".) Please any one can answer why it is not working in app mode


Tom 02/25/18 03:03

I have not been using the wrapping project in the NEST IDE. however, I think that have some problem with webview control functions. The NEST Wrapping feature is not good. Because the URL Wrapping app has only linked to browser and transfers the URL parameter. That is a simple function. NEST wrapping apps might be worked on self webview. There have not a lot of functions for web app. In my case, I'm using the source code of UI and device control for JS apps. Maybe, almost nest users have been using same situation on the IDE. Additionally, you can't upload the project source in here. you should create the project source using NEST IDE. the file format is .nproject. I can recommend a couple way to build your web contents. firstly you can try to build the wrapping app in android studio and xcode. that is worked for you. secondly, you can try to develop the nest app using IDE. you don't need to develop the nest components on IDE. The IDE already have basic components for simple control functions for your app level. Best!