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What makes free apps valuable?

Peter 02/08/18 00:23


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How do they make money??


Ken 02/12/18 17:04

There are several situations that can make a free app valuable: In App Purchases - Sometimes known as freemium apps, apps with In-App Purchases can be valuable by creating revenue. If the app is good enough and is able to draw in the consumer, there is a good chance they'll spend money for additional features or upgrades. Ad Revenue - Some apps are free, but include ads at some point through the application. This, of course, makes the application valuable by creating revenue due to ad views and clicks. Pro Versions - Many free versions of apps are in actuality, scaled back versions. Similar to Freemium apps, the user is drawn in by what features are available while being informed of what options would be available if they bought the Pro version of the software. Exposure - As the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. A free app provides exposure to the creator and their company. It might draw the consumer to a website, or introduce them to related apps that might not be free.