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NEST App crash when click on dev settings

Gary 12/03/17 22:15


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I'm working on the NEST framework. i have a problem when i run it on my device Android then it shows the red screen with error message "Unable to download JS bundle" and when i click on menu button to enter ip address in dev settings then after click on dev setting app is crash.


William 12/06/17 19:16

To fix the "Unable to download JS bundle" and deploy the App on your device you need to: ****Create assets folder in app source path

Ken 12/06/17 23:31

I had the same problem when I tried to enter an ip address in component properties. My app would crash over and over again and I couldn't set the option to 'off'. I fixed it by uninstalling the app from my phone and re-running it from the cli.

Bill 12/07/17 09:27

now you need to updated that file with every new change. Have we figured out why the app crashes when hitting Dev Settings and what the solution might be?