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add search for list with the Nest component

Mike 07/16/17 19:08


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hello I am a novice to nest app development i recently leant how to implement list activity i have a application which shows the all states of USA now i have to add a simple search facility to this app when required state name is typed it shud display the state name and print a msg when it doesn't find suitable name!!


Robert 07/22/17 01:16

Search feature which will return a State and a message if the state is not valid.

Persis 07/24/17 11:39

Take a look at AutoCompleteTextView: Tutorial: AND, you should develop the component with wrapping JS code on this guide.

Mike 07/27/17 22:45

I realize I was suggesting an alternative that is different from what you were asking for. I just wanted to make you aware a possible alternate approach if you weren't aware - especially since its pre-built and built into Android. If it doesn't work for your situation, no problem - might be helpful to a future OP with a similar problem.

Mike 07/28/17 00:26

i really have no scope for that alternative in my app i have been assigned this work and i just want a simple search like a web page search but instead of comparing the data from datatbase and the search bar i want it to compare the array and search bar !!