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Using Native library

Frank 07/14/17 11:29


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1) In case of availability of iOS and Android Native libraries, what will be the appropriate, efficient and easier step to take, in order to use the library for the development of a cross-platform application? Binding Android library or the iOS? If we bind the Android native library, will we be able to use this binded library in the NEST IDE for iOS application? 2) In case of availability of a C++ library, is it possible to use this library to develop the nest application? Thanks in advance!


John 07/15/17 08:29

Using wrapping method for the nest component.

Matt 07/16/17 18:34

1. Native iOS and Android libraries are usually quite different (iOS libraries are commonly written in Objective-C or swift and Android libraries in Java), and because of this, the wrappings for each will differ. Even if the API was identical, the difference between Objective-C and Java is enough for the bindings to have to be different too. 2. Yes, it is possible to use C++ in the nest projects, but the mechanism is different. There are a couple of options here: - Use a tool such as SWIG to create managed bindings for the C++ library. This is also an interesting read. - Create a C library which wraps the C++ library, and then use the standard P/Invoke mechanism available in managed code to interact with the C library.