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NEST app - Database SQLite or MySQL?

John 07/14/17 00:45


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I am new to NEST app Development and I'm developing an application for my Final Year Project. I am a little confused as to when it comes to setting up the database. I read a few things and most people seem to use SQLite. Basically I am developing an android app which has too different aspects to it. 1. admin inputs data on the app and saves to a database. 2. users open app and view data from the database. The data is going to have to be input and viewable over the 3g/wifi network. Do i need to host my database online and which database would be best to use? from reading it seems SQLite is hosted on your local disk so should i use MySQL? Any help would be grately appreciated. Thanks


Gail 07/28/17 01:03

The NEST IDE includes SQLite. So, if you save data in a DB on an Android system itself, you use SQLite. If you store your data elsewhere, you are free to use whatever you like, Oracle, DB2, Mysql or even SQLite.